Multi-Functional Hydraulic Control Valve

Multi-Functional Hydraulic Control Valve (pic 1)

Multi-functional hydraulic control valve about the product

The motion performance of the valve is similar to that of the hydraulic control valve. It utilizes the self pressure in the pipeline and the pressure difference between the control room of upper and lower cavities to control the movement of the main disc. And it forms each series valve via the different functions of the by-pass pipeline and the pilot valves of various different structures so as to get to the target of various requirements. A available with silencing/hammer removing/slow-open/slow-close check valves, water level control valve, pressure reducing valve, safety pressure relieving valve, electric remote control valve etc. It is used in different conditions, ensuring safe running of the pipe network automatically and suitable for the pipe network of buildings, fire-fighting, water works, warming, steel and iron, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry ect.

Multi-functional hydraulic control valve features

a. Slow-open function resolves the conventional problem for people to close valve and open pump.
b. Slow-close function is capable of adjusting the close time artificially, realizing slow-close and removing water hammer automatically.
c. Good sealing performance and no one-drop of water leaks after being closed.
d. Sensitive, safe and reliable motion. Without any out-of-control condition.
e. No need artificial operations, during the complete process, all automatic work makes the pipe network to run.
f. Both outside and inside of the valve and all the easy corrosive parts are coated with epoxy resin powder.
g.Removable seat ring of an exquisite structure, easy repair and replacement (no need to remove the whole valve).
h. It is mountable on the pipeline vertically or horizontally, with the unchanged reliability.

Multi-functional hydraulic control valve structure specifications

a. Diaphragm type
Use of different purposes can separate or make two cavities through so as to realize slow-open, slow-close or quick-close auxiliary functions etc. Preventing water hammers from being produced or reduces its strength to a certain extent and protects the other equipments after the valve from getting damaged. Besides, the integrated bonnet and upper cavity make bonnet, upper cavity, stem and disc as an integrity, which can be taken out wholly for repair or replacement by loosening the joint bolt between the body and bonnet.
Use of the structure of two-end guide of the stem and the long pitch guide in the middle section avoids the resisting movement and easy jamming with the stem due to the eccentric process or installation of the guide sleeve in the middle section, and the upper body ensures the process accurate. And a copper bush placed between the contacting faces and the stem ensures the stem surface not to be worn out and scraped so as to have it move freely, stably, flexibly and reliably.(refers to seeks d, seeks e, seeks f, seeks g)
b. Piston type
Use of small piston cylinder features it by small friction and flexible motion. The piston uses dual O-seal rings which make the valve close time can be adjusted within. Used in the sludge treatment plant to drain out the sludge and waste water on the bottom of the water pool as well as the muddy sand and dirt deposited therein. The diaphragm made of nylon reinforced rubber and designed into an angular structure is helpful for draining out the sludge successfully.

Multi-functional hydraulic control valve materials of main parts

Diaphragm type

NO. Part Material
1 Bonnet Casting pig, Duct alloy, carbon steel, S.S
2 Spring Spring steel, S.S
3 Pressboard of diaphragm Duct alloy
4 Diaphragm NBR, ternary ethylene propylene rubber
5 Stem 2Cr13、2Cr13, SS
6 Disc Duct alloy
7 Seat ring NBR rubber
8 Pressboard of sealing pad Duct alloy, S.S
9 Seat ring SS
10 Body Casting pig, Duct alloy, Carbon steel, S.S

Piston type

NO. Part Materials
1 Bonnet Casting pig, Duct alloy, Carbon steel, SS
2 Cylinder sleeve SS
3 Piston Duct alloy
4 Seal ring NBR rubber
5 Stem 2Cr13、2Cr13, SS
6 Spring Spring steel
7 Disc Duct alloy
8 Sealing pad NBR rubber
9 Sealing pressboard S.S.
10 Body Duct alloy Carbon steel

Multi-functional hydraulic control valve flow curve of main valve

Multi-Functional Hydraulic Control Valve (pic 2)

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