1151 3-Valve Manifold

1151 3-valve manifold feature and application

1151 3-Valve Manifold and 1151 series pressure-difference transducer are installed to form a complete set. It is used to lead the signal into the positive and negative measuring room of transducer. and switch on or switch off the lead-in pressure point and measuring room. It can be connected by bolts and transmitter.

1151 3-valve manifold diagram and connecting dimensions

1151 3-Valve Manifold pic 1
Structure of 1151 3-Valve Manifold pic 2
Structure of 1151 3-Valve Manifold  pic 3

1151 3-valve manifold technic date and material

No. PN DN(mm) Applicable Temperature (℃) Body
1 32 5 -20~450 20#
2 -70~240 1Cr18Ni9Ti

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