JJM8 Pressure Gauge Valve

JJM8 pressure gauge valve diagram

JJM8 Pressure Gauge Valve pic 1
 Structure of JJM8 Pressure Gauge Valve pic 2

JJM8 pressure gauge valve materials for main parts

Part name BODY、Bonnet, Bonnet bolt Stem、Disc, Gasket Packing Gasket Hand wheel
JJM8-160P-DN5 Cr,Ni Stainless steel Stainless steel PTEF, Soft graphite Latex asbestos High grade carbon steel

JJM8 pressure gauge valve chief Property and specification

Type (MPa) Nominal Pressure PS(MPa)Test pressure (MPa)Working Pressure (℃) Working Temperature Suitable
(MPa)Shell Seal Seal
JJM8-160p-DN5 16.0 24.0 17.6 0.6 16.0 P≤540℃ Petroleum gas Water,Asic,Steam, Oil etc.

JJM8 pressure gauge valve main external and connecting dimensions(mm)

Type DN(mm) Nominal diameter Dimensions (g) eight
L L1 Do H H1 M1 M2
JJM8-160 5 116 85 65 116 128 M20×1.5 M20×1.5 1.0

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