QFF3 Blance Valve

QFF3 blance valve diagram

QFF3 Blance Valve pic 1
 Structure of QFF3 Blance Valve pic 2

QFF3 blance valve materials for main parts

Part name BODY Stem Base PACKING Packing bonnet Hand wheel
QFF3-160-DN5 Carbon steel Cr,Stainless steel PTEF,Soft graphite Carbon steel High grade carbon steel
QFF3-320P-DN5 Cr,Ni Stainless steel Cr,Stainless steel Cr,Ni Stainless steel Stainless steel

QFF3 blance valve chief Property and specification

Type (MPa) Nominal Pressure PS(MPa)Test pressure (MPa) Working Pressure (℃) Working Temperature Suitable
(MPa) Shell Seal Seal
QFF3-320-DN5 32.0 48.0 35.2 0.6 32.0 P≤540℃ Petroleum gas Water, Asic,Steam, Oil etc.

QFF3 blance valve main external and connecting dimensions(mm)

DN(mm) Dimensions (Kg)
Type Nominal diameter L1 D1 Do H H1 L2 Weight
QFF3-320-DN5 5 200 14 65 234 260 54 3.8

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